Proud Member Since 1993

About Us

The Atlanta Freedom Marching Band was the inspiration of Buz Carr, our founder and first director, as he watched the 1993 Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Pride celebration.  

Realizing that there was no marching band he thought "Every parade should have a band!"  He then set out to create a marching band to represent Atlanta's increasingly visible LGBT community. 

The Atlanta Freedom Marching Band has evolved into the Atlanta Freedom Bands which includes the Atlanta Freedom Concert Band, the MetroGnomes Stage Band, the Atlanta Freedom Color Guard and a variety of select ensembles.

Our membership is comprised of individuals representing a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, experience and skill levels.  Our mission is based on the principles of commitment, volunteerism, respect for others, and of course, fun!  We remain committed to Buz Carr's dream of promoting greater awareness of Atlanta's LGBT community.

If you are interested in becoming a member we welcome visitors at all scheduled weekly rehearsals and invite you to review our Membership Welcome Packet.

The Atlanta Freedom Bands is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization operating on the generosity and sponsorship of its members as well as local individuals and businesses.  If you are interested in helping us support our mission you can learn more here.


Our mission is to provide outstanding entertainment and an opportunity for creative musical expression and increasing acceptance through visibility by representing the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) community in a positive light .  

We are a community based, service-oriented, performance organization composed of both musicians and auxiliary members. Currently there are several different musical groups which include the marching band, concert band and the Metro Gnomes stage band. 

Collectively these groups offer numerous performances throughout the year, ranging from parades and festivals to formal sit-down concerts.  

We strive to be an organization that is a source of pride for the LGBT community and also a supporter of other arts groups in Atlanta.