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Rehearsals typically take place at the Saint Paul Methodist Church located at 501 Grant Street in southeast Atlanta.  Click on the marker in the map for directions.

MetroGnomes rehearsals take place Sunday afternoons at the 3:00PM.

Marching Band, Color Guard and Concert Band rehearsals take place Sunday evenings at 6:00PM.

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If you are interested in joining us for Concert or Marching Band, please contact us.

Out of respect for fellow performers as well as any one conducting the group there is some basic etiquette all members should follow.  This includes:
Be ready to rehearse/perform at the scheduled starting time. This usually means arriving early enough to set up, warm up, and tune, before the start of the rehearsal or performance.  
It is expected that the conductor will receive your respect and attention during all band rehearsals and concerts. Pay close attention to the conducting and verbal directions of the person conducting the ensemble, including ceasing to play when so directed. This includes not talking or playing when the conductor or your section leader is trying to give directions. 
Come to rehearsal with your part prepared. There is little time between concerts to prepare music. Every part is important! 
Assist in concert/rehearsal area set up and break down whenever possible. 
Advise your section leader well in advance of a concert or rehearsal when you will be absent.  
Band members are encouraged to be supportive of each other. 
Please remember that the primary purpose of our rehearsals is to improve our musical performance. Don't take musical criticism personally. This is not the intent of the Director or your Section Leader. 
Please have your folder at all band rehearsals and performances, even if you are the only person on that part. Do not take your folder if you will not be able to attend the next rehearsal.  If you have miss a rehearsal, please make every effort to get your music to someone who will be at rehearsal. 
We also ask that you turn off your cell phones, or at least silence them and refrain from using them during rehearsal.

The MetroGnomes stage band rehearsals typically take place on Sunday's from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM at St Paul.  Please contact our Music Director to know more. 

Want to be a part of the band but don't play an instrument?  We are always happy to welcome a few good flag carriers and color guard members.  Please contact our fabulous Color Guard Leader  for further information.