"For me, being in this band is powerful. It allows me to stand up and be visible for others that may be in the same shoes I was once in. The AFB gives me a chance to not only do something that I love, but to be in a group that inspires and promotes acceptance. No longer am I that kid that was beat for practicing my trumpet or wanting to follow my dreams."  - Jay

"I found AFB when I really needed to, when I was extremely lonely and lost and had pretty much given up. I had sold my horn the year before and said that I wasn't going to ever play again; I've never been more happy to be proven wrong. The music, of course, is an amazing outlet; I'm extremely proud of every show we put on. Beyond the music, though, I've gained a family that I love more than anything. Pride, to me, is the swell in my heart when I think of the friends I've made and the love that surrounds this group. It's the excitement of every event we do, knowing that we're making an impact in our community." - Cassandra

"Our bands consist of gay men, gay women, straight women, straight men, transgender men, transgender women, young, old, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, cisgender pansexual, married, single. And I'm pretty sure I left somebody out. And we all love each other. AFB is home to such an amazing cross section of society in every conceivable way, yet, we see more of how alike we are as opposed to how different. And whenever we do point out the differences, it is to rejoice in them, not to push them away. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is the way we affect change in the rest of the world: little by little, and by example. Let's keep it up. Let's change the world and have a ball while doing it!" - Daniel